Sunburn  1979  Hemdale/ Paramount

Directed by Richard C Sarafian

Also starring Farrah Fawcett Majors  Charles Grodin  Art Carney  Eleanor Parker

Character of Nera Ortega

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The Bitch  1979  Brent Walker

Directed by Gerry O' Hara

Also Starring Sue Lloyd Ian Hendry Michael Coby Mark Burns Kenneth Haigh Doug Fisher

Character of Fontaine Khaled

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Game For Vultures 1979 Columbia

Directed by James Fargo

Also starring Richard Harris  Richard Roundtree  Ray Milland Denholm Elliott

Character of Nicole Swansey

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The Stud 1978 Brent Walker

Directed by Quentin Masters

Also starring Oliver Tobias Sue Lloyd Mark Burns Doug Fisher Walter Gotell

Character of Fontaine Khaled

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Zaro to Sixty 1978 First Artists

Directed by Don Weis

Also starring Darren McGavin Sylvia Miles Denise Nickerson Dick Martin 

Character of Gloria Martine

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The Big Sleep 1978 ITC

Directed by Michael Winner

Also starring Robert Mitchum Sarah Miles Oliver Reed James Stewart Edward Fox John Mills Richard Boone

Charcter of Agnes Lozelle

Click image for more info

Poliziotto Senza Paurro 1978 Promer Films

Aka Fearless Fuzz

Directed by Stelvio Massi

Also starring Maurizio Merli  Franco Ressel  Werner Pochath

Character of Brigitte

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Empire of the Ants 1977 American International

Directed by Bert I Gordon

Also starring Robert Lansing Jacqueline Scott John David Carson Albert Salmi Robert Pine

Character of Marilyn Fryser

The Bawdy Adventures Of Tom Jones  1976 Universal

Directed by Cliff Owen

Also starring Nicky Henson Terry Thomas Georgia Brown Trevor Howard Madeline Smith Geraldine McEwan

Character of Black Bess

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Alfie Darling  1975  EMI

Aka Oh! Alfie!

Directed by Ken Hughes

Also starring Alan Price Jill Townsend Sheila White Hannah Gordon Rula Lenska

Character of Fay

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The Great Adventure 1975  Pacific International

Directed by Gianfranco Baldanello

Also starring Jack Palance Fred Romer Manuel De Blas Elizabeth Virgil

Character of Sonia Kendall

I Don't Want To Be Born 1975 Rank

Aka The Devil Within Her

Directed by Peter Sasdy

Also starring Ralph Bates Eileen Atkins Donald Pleasence Caroline Munro Hillary Mason John Steiner

Character of Lucy Carlesi

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The Referee 1974  Documento Film

Aka L'arbitro / Football Crazy

Directed by Luigi Filipo D'amico

Also starring Lando Buzzanca Gabriella Pallotta 

Character of Elena Sperani

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Tales That Witness Madness 1973  Paramount

Directed by Freddie Francis

Also starring Kim Novak Jack Hawkins Donald Pleasence Michael Jayston Georgia Brown Suzy Kendall

Character of Bella Thomson

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Drive Hard.. Drive Fast!  1973   Universal Studios

Directed by Douglas Heyes

Also starring Brian Kelly Henry Silva Joseph Campanella Karen Huston

Character of Carole Bradley

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Dark Places 1973  Cinerama Releasing

Directed by Don Sharp

Also Starring Christopher Lee Herbert Lom Robert Hardy Jean Marsh Jane Birkin Martin Boddey

Character of Sarah Mandeville

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Fear In The Night  1972  Hammer

Directed by Jimmy Sangster

Also starring Peter Cushing Ralph Bates Judy Geeson Gillian Lind James Cossins

Character of Molly Carmichael

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Tales From The Crypt 1972  Amicus / Metromedia

Directed by Freddie Francis

Also starring Peter Cushing Ralph Richardson Roy Dotrice Richard Greene Ian Hendry Patrick Magee Barbara Murray Nigel Patrick

Character of Joanne Clayton

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Quest For Love  1971 Rank

Directed by Ralph Thomas

Also starring Tom Bell Denholm Elliott Laurence Naismith Lyn Ashley Jeremy Child Simon Ward Ray McAnally

Character of Ottilie / Tracey Fletcher

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Revenge 1971 Rank

Aka Terror Under The House

Also starring James Booth Ray Barrett Sinead Cusack Kenneth Griffith Tom Marshall

Character of Carol Radford

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Up In The Cellar  1970  American International

Aka Three in The Cellar

Directed by Theodore J. Flicker

Also starring Larry Hagman Judy Pace Wes Stern Nira Barab Joan Darling

Character of Pat Camber

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The Executioner  1970 Columbia Pictures

Directed by Sam Wanamaker

Also starring George Peppard Judy Geeson Oskar Homolka Charles Gray Nigel Patrick George Baker Keith Michell

Character of Sarah Booth

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