The Cartier Affair  1984  Hill / Mandelker Films

Directed by Rod Holcomb

Also starring David Hasselhoff  Ed Lauter Randi Brooks Telly Savalas Charles Napier

Character of Cartier Rand

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Her Life As A Man 1984  NBC

Directed by Robert Ellis Miller

Character of Pam Dugan

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Making of a Male Model 1983  Aaron Spelling Productions

Directed by Irving J Moore

Also starring Jon Erik Hexum Kevin McCarthy Arte Johnson Ted McGinley Jeff Conaway

Character of Kay Dillon

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The Wild Women Of Chastity Gulch  1982  Aaron Spelling Productions

Directed by Philip Leacock

Also starring Priscilla Barnes Morgan Brittany Howard Duff Phyllis Davis Lee Horsley Jeanette Nolan Pamela Bellwood Donny Osmond Lisa Welchel 

Character of Annie McCulloch

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Nutcracker aka Nutcracker Suite  1982  Rank

Directed by Anwar Kawadri

Also starring Paul Nicholas Carol White William Franklyn Finola Hughes Leslie Ash Murray Melvin

Character of Madame Laura Carrere

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Homework 1982  Jensen Farley Pictures

Directed by James Beshears

Also starring Michael Morgan Carrie Snodgress Wings Hauser Lee Purcell

Character of Diane

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Paper Dolls 1982  Leonard Goldberg Productions

Directed by Edward Zwick

Also starring Joan Hackett Jennifer Warren Daryl Hannah Alexandra Paul Marc Singer Antonio Fargas Craig T. Nelson

Character of Racine