Mission Impossible  1969 Paramount Television


Starring Peter Graves Martin Landau

Also starring Logan Ramsey Ann Shoemaker Dal Jenkins

Character of Nicole Vedette

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The Danny Thomas Hour 1967 NBC

'The Demon Under The Bed'

Also starring Bing Crosby George Maharis Mary Crosby

Character of Myra

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Batman 1967 20th Century Fox Television

'Ring Around The Riddler'

'Wail of the Siren'

Starring Adam West Burt Ward Yvonne Craig Alan Napier Neil Hamilton

Also starring Frank Gorshin Peggy Ann Garner James Brolin Madge Blake

Character of The Siren

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The Virginian 1967 Universal TV

'The Lady From Wichita'

Starring Doug McClure Lee J.Cobb  Clu Gulagar

Guest starring Rose Marie Harry Lauter L.Q Jones Ann Doran Irene Tedrow

Character of Lorna Marshall

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Star Trek 1967 Desilu Productions

'City on the Edge of Forever'

Starring William Shatner Leonard Nimoy DeForest Kelley James Doohan George Takei Nichelle Nichols

Character of Edith Keeler

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The Man From Uncle 1966 MGM Television

'The Galatea Affair'

Starring Robert Vaughn David McCallum Noel Harrison Leo J Carroll

Guest starring Carl Esmnod Michael St Clair

Character of Baroness Bi De Chasseur / Rosy Shlagenheimer

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Run For Your Life 1966 Universal Television

'The Borders Of Barbarism'

Starring Ben Gazzara

Guest starring Alf Kjellin Reginald Owen Jack Good

Character of Gillian Wales

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The Bob Hope Show 1966 NBC

Starring Bob Hope

Guests Lucille Ball Joan Fontaine Dorothy Lamour Hedy Lamar Vera Miles Signe Hasso Janis Paige Virginia Mayo Arlene Dahl Phyllis Diller Rhonda Fleming Dina Merill

As herself Joan Collins

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The Human Jungle 1964 ABPC

'Struggle For A Mind'

Starring Herbert Lom  Derek Godfrey Michael Johnson

Guest starring Kay Walsh Clifford Evans Margaret Whiting

Character of Liz Kross

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